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Time for me to be serious....

I have decided to stop Spamming CP. As much as I hate to say it, PHC is right. I have been really dumb, and emotionally unstable. Thanks to Leroy, I am now back in the game, and won't do no more idiotic posts. I'll also use good grammar and spelling. :D I've been working on my games (along with other stuff), and I'm going to let you OHRers on a little sample of Rogue Knights REVAMPED (and for the last time; Rogue Knights isn't the game I'm putting' the community in).....

The original story was waaaay to linear. I'm going to still use some FF references, but nothing too commercial. Not to mention you met most of you're team at the beginning. And I've decided to make the first Hero, a female dragoon. Since in most FF's there guys who carry big swords. (though this can be argued...but females are mostly a damsel White Mage, or Summoner) Aside from revamping the story, I'm doing the graphics as well. I'm not going to release anymore info. ;) However, I will share with you the sprite of the first Hero, Zela, the female Dragoon. I'm also going to compose and sequence most of the music.

Here is Zela:

Image Hosted by ImageShack.usImage Hosted by

EDIT: Though this might be too small. If it is, then tell me. I'll re-size it.
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