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Most important update in a while

Feb 15 2006 [serendipity]

* New Features

* !!! Native Windows port of GAME.EXE [Simon Bradley] !!!

* !!! Native Windows port of CUSTOM.EXE [Simon Bradley] !!!

* You can copy and paste different sized sprites across the sprite
editors, and while you are drawing a sprite you now paste and
transparent-paste at the current cursor position instead of
top left corner [Ralph Versteegen]

* Attack bitsets to disable certain target slots on an
attack-by-attack basis. [James Paige]
(Unfinished! Only works for heroes right now, see bug 102)

* Animated backdrops in battle [Mike Caron]

* Attack bitset to force the heroes to run away [James Paige]

* General bitset to "Disable Hero's Battle Cursor" [Yuriy]

* Attack option to set a tag (with a number of options relating
to what triggers the tag, and conditional to another tag)
[Mike Caron]

* Added damage cap option (in General Game Data) [Mike Caron]

* Spell Descriptions! (set in Attacks->Appearance) [Mike Caron]

* Mute status affliction (and a bitset to make a spell mutable)
[Mike Caron]

* New attack bitsets:
Fail if target is [poisoned/regened/stunned/muted]
(so you can't mute someone twice, for example) [Mike Caron]

* In Attack editor and Enemy editor you can hold ALT and press
left and right to navigate records from anywhere in the menu
(This feature will eventually be added to other menus also)
[James Paige]

* Text box editor no longer sucks! You can insert, delete, and
edit anywhere in the line of text without needing to delete the
end of the line. [James Paige]

* New Import Music menu. This means:
* The 100 song limit is gone
* You can import .MIDs as well as .BAMs (and as we support more
music formats, you will be able to import them too.) You can
only play midis in FB GAME + CUSTOM.
* Export and delete songs
Until QBOHR is dropped, you can have a BAM fallback version of
any MIDI file you import. Just import a MIDI over top of a BAM.
[Ralph Versteegen]

* Music looping:
* RPG Maker style (Midi event #111 (0x6F) at the loop point), or
* OHR Music Code style (http://gilgamesh.hamsterrepublic.com/wiki/
ohrrpgce/index.php/Music_Code for more details)
[Mike Caron]

* Unlumped RPGs can now be played by Game (start game like this:
game foldername)

* Midi versions of many of the public domain pieces in the Import
folder have been added as alternatives [FyreWulff]

* You can specify upto 4 different items required to trade for an
item in a shop, and can set the amount required of each. Also can
set amount of items you recieve for trading in at a shop.
[Ralph Versteegen]

* Bug Fixes

* Fixed bug 107: "An MP~ stat over 66 makes all spells free"
[Ralph Versteegen]

* In the plotscripting dictionary, NPCcount was described as
returning number of npcs at spot with NPCatpixel or NPCatspot.
This is incorrect, the constant getcount does this (and more).

* c and v no longer appended to a string when copying and pasting
[Ralph Versteegen]

* Renamed attack bitset "No Reward from target" to
"Erase rewards (Enemy target only)" to clarify that it
happens even if the attack does not kill the target

* Fixed off by one bug in "get attack name" [Ralph Versteegen]

* Buggy "set enemy rewards" and "get enemy rewards" commands removed,
use (previously undocumented) "read enemy data" and "write enemy
data" instead (you can use the same constants)

* Fixed bug 13: "No math overflow checking in battle"
And bug 66: "Absorb-damage type attacks cannot drain a percent"
[Mike Caron]

* Worked around bug 78: "Using Custom under DosBox dosen't allow for
browsing certain areas." by avoiding the use of VAL() which is
buggy in some versions of DosBox and QEMU [James Paige]

* Fixed bug 98: "plotscript commands that alter enemys [sic] persist
after quitting" [Mike Caron]

* You can now no longer import invalid BAM music even though a
warning is given [Ralph Versteegen]

* Using formation sets 100+ no longer crashes game [Ralph Versteegen]

* Fixed bug 24: "Numbering is wrong for backdrops and songs in the
text-box appearance editor" [Ralph Versteegen]

* Fixed bugs in numerous menu items where typing in a number entered
incorrectly [Ralph Versteegen]

* Fixed bug 109: "Passing NPC references to alternpc crashes GAME"

* Fixed bug 136: "Use of quotes in BAM import list causes weirdness"
by scrapping .SNG storage scheme [Ralph Versteegen]

* New Plotscripting Commands

* "cancel map name display" [James Paige]
* "suspend map music", "resume map music" [Ralph Versteegen]
* "seconds of play", "set days of play", "set hours of play",
"set minutes of play", "set seconds of play" [Mike Caron]
* "read NPC" (counterpart of alter NPC) [James Paige]
* "set hero level", "give experience", "hero levelled",
"spells learnt" [Ralph Versteegen]
* "get damage cap", "set damage cap" [Mike Caron]
* "get music volume", "set music volume" [Ralph Versteegen]
* "trace" [Mike Caron]
* "get song name" [Ralph Versteegen]

* Stuff only Developers Will Notice

* More attack bitsets [Mike Caron]
* Unified item-name editor data (all item slots are formatted the
same now) [Mike Caron]
* New MIDI driver [Mike Caron]
* Native Linux port mostly working (games are playable and editable,
Browsing still has some problems, espeically in music importing,
and full-screen causes problems) [Simon Bradley, James Paige]
* .SNG lump replaced with binary expandable songdata.bin
[Ralph Versteegen]
* Incremented RPG file version to 6. (Game only shows backwards
compatability warnings when loading files in version 4 or older)
[James Paige]
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