AT THE END OF EVERYTHING (moogle1) wrote in ohrrpgce,

168hr Contest begins!

The theme for the contest is "Strategy and Tactics." Now, before I go into what that entails, let me define the two terms.

Strategy means a careful plan or method : a clever stratagem b : the art of devising or employing plans or stratagems toward a goal. In a war, you plan out a strategy beforehand. Your strategy is your plan. In an RPG, your strategy is usually limited to setting up your equipment and party for a battle.

Tactics means a : the science and art of disposing and maneuvering forces in combat b : the art or skill of employing available means to accomplish an end. Your tactics are the methods you use while in combat. In an RPG, your tactics are your in-battle choices.

Your games are expected to require the player to use both strategy and tactics. The genre, plot, setting, etc. of the game are yours to decide. If you want to make an RPG, go ahead. If you want to make a dating sim, that's fine. There are no limits on the kind of game you are allowed to make.

With that in mind, voters will be expected (but not forced) to select the games that best challenge the player's abilities of strategy and tactics. Note that strategy is listed first. The emphasis of the contest is on strategy since all games require tactics to some extent!

As has been said before, you may choose to use the OHRRPGCE or any other platform, including pure-programming. As long as your audience is able to play your game, your entry is permissible.

The contest will end in one week; that is, 12:00am CST Saturday 24 July 2005. You have a one-hour grace period before points start being deducted from your game on an hourly basis. The hourly deduction is at my discretion and will be based on the number of entrants (fewer entrants means a higher deduction).

The first place winner will be given a prize, which I will also decide upon the contest's completion.

IMPORTANT! Castle Paradox is not the host of this contest; therefore, its downtime is not an excuse for late entry. This contest is cross-posted to the LiveJournal ohrrpgce community. If you have no webspace to host your game, you may e-mail your entry directly to me (NOT a link, the actual file).

Yes, I am entering this contest. Yes, I'm the host. Yes, that poses a conflict of interest. I'm putting up the prize, so quit your whining. If I win and I'm feeling nice, I'll pass it down to the guy in second. (Actually, I had a good idea that I scrapped this afternoon because I figured there was no way I could do it in a week.)
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