AT THE END OF EVERYTHING (moogle1) wrote in ohrrpgce,

168-hour contest

Been awhile since the last contest, I think. I'm in the mood to make a quick game again, so who else is up for a 168-hour contest? (That's a week, for the contest-illiterate.)

We'll need dates, so let's say it starts 12:00am Saturday 17 August and ends one week later, with a one-hour grace period for late games and points deducted hourly for games submitted after that. Voting will be in top-3 format (3-2-1 points); the point deduction for late entry will depend on the number of entries but it's fair to say that it's worth your while to submit it on time.

Rules are good, too, so let's say that any size team is permissible. The contest theme will be announced at the start of the contest. You can pull graphics from other sources but please don't start assembling your RPG file until the start of the contest. This will be one of those fancy "honor system" deals, but remember that your advantage in cheating is limited by the fact that you don't know the contest theme.

Music rips are okay for the contest, of course. Publicly available plotscripts (e.g. from the 3rd Party, Plotscripting Library, FACES.RPG, OHR Tactics) are allowed, but your own pre-written plotscripts are not unless you make them public before the start of the contest.

The contest theme will be gameplay-oriented rather than story-oriented, like the "simulation" contest that spawned so many awesome games last year.

If you're interested, here's the place to say so. You don't have to sign up to enter, but I am hoping to gauge the level of interest.

There will be a prize, which will be based on the number of entrants.

It is not required that you use OHR to make your game.
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