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Motrya 24.5% [02 Dec 2010|11:28pm]

So, I forgot to post this here two days ago. You can get the early-release demo of Motrya here if desired:

Personally, I would wait for the 25% release since it'll have the complete soundtrack in. (some areas are notably less atmospheric without it and a few songs in the game are incomplete) This version is my entry in the HotOHR contest.
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Motrya, the Trailer [20 Nov 2010|08:18pm]

A preview of my upcoming game!
Like, View, Subscribe if you're crazy like that!!!

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[14 May 2009|07:44pm]

A new Top 30 Voting Thread has been started on Slime Salad.

BONUS QUESTION: Vote for the five best uses of battles in OHR games.


Results will be submitted to Hamsterspeak magazine.
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[05 May 2009|05:57pm]


james paige's video, it's his voice
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[01 Apr 2009|02:18am]

[ mood | excited ]

Terrible Games contest 2009 - What is Love?


The time has come again for the Official Terrible Games contest. This year, there are a few additions and alterations to the rules, which should streamline the process of entry and also voting. I'm looking forwards to the entries this year, and have some interesting prizes to hand out as an incentive. This year's theme is perhaps its most controversial ever. Your goal is to create a game with one of two themes - "Love" and/or "SCIENCE!!"


Previous TGC entries had rather elaborate rules regarding their eligibility, which some people felt detracted from the spirit of the contest, which was to make a terrible game. The definition of a Terrible game is intentionally vague of course. Some of us like Arfenhouse. Others have nothing but disdain for it. To each their own.

*0* The most important rule, and the theme of the contest, the "Zero Rule". Your goal is to produce a video game/s that stylistically and functionally responds and adequately adheres to either a theme of "Love" or "SCIENCE!!". I leave it to you on how to go about doing this. Dating simulation, jrpg, sidescroller, first person shooter, any game form is acceptible so long as it attempts to make an effort to stay within the theme.

*1* You MUST construct your game/s using the OHRRPGCE engine. Ypsiliform, Werewaffle, Hasta-la-QB, Voxhumana, a nightly version, or even a custom build are acceptable. If you use a version of the OHR that is in testing, or one which is no longer widely available (Yggdrasil, Zeitgeist, or the 4 map version perhaps), you MUST package a version of the game.exe so we can play it! In fact, I recommend using a nightly version so you can find and report bugs directly to James, or the other programmers!

*2* The actual opening date for the contest shall be April 1st, and will last an entire month until April 30th. If you begin work on your game within this timeframe and submit it before the deadline, you will not be penalized (obviously). For each day past the deadline your game submission is late, a single point will be deducted from that game's score, to be determined in the voting.

*3* You are only allowed to release your completed game/s to the public on April 30th. This is primarily to allow everyone an equal shot at the prizes, and also to not intimidate potential contestants into dropping out. You may however post spoilers, and screenshots, etc., so long as you do not leak your game early. If you pass it to a few friends/rivals/whatever ahead of time, then I'll be officially taking a "Don't ask, don't tell" policy, but your game must be released on the 30th of April. If you release your game before April 30th, I will deduct 5 points from your final score.

*4* You MAY rip and use ANY and ALL graphics from the game "Vikings of Midgard" should you feel four weeks of prepwork to make sprites is not sufficient for your project, or if you feel your entry will be penalized by other contestants' voting because of a lack of graphical abilities. The game is available in the Castle Paradox download list for you to use for this reason. You may also modify these graphics for your own purposes, but do not claim either the original content nor the modified graphics as your own original work. The same goes for any other games you wish, HOWEVER, you must obtain permission from the game's maker before doing so. That just wouldn't be cool.


I will not be judging what constitutes a "terrible game". For example, I like Final Fantasy 8, which other people abhor like a Wisdom Tree game. Therefore, I am continuing last year's practice of allowing people to vote for which games were the "best/worst/whatever". Beauty, or in this case Ugliness, is entirely in the eye of the beholder. It is your obligation to construct your game according to your own notions on what makes a game good or bad, so long as it stays within the very nebulous constraints of the contest's theme.

A final point concerning the entries. All the previous winner/s of the contest/s actually put effort into their games - they were fun to play (more or less). This is your opportunity to make the game that you'd have to be criminally insane to produce otherwise, or for which no other contest exists to release one.


Voting this time is a bit less complex, and more streamlined than in previous contests. When the contest ends, voting will begin from May 1st to May 14th, effectively giving two weeks to play each game and vote whose games were the best. This is also to collect data for Hamsterspeak Magazine, whose subsequent June issue will reveal the contest winner.

Anyone may vote on the games, and may rate each one on a scale of 1 (awful) to 5 (best). You may have games that have identical scores, if you so choose. What constitutes a bad or good "terrible" game is your decision, as is the nature of the contest. Based on the theme of this contest, you must take into account whether the game's creator successfully met the contest's theme, "Love" and/or "SCIENCE!!". I will not be checking to see whether your score is an accurate reflection of that, or upon what other criteria you have for voting the way you've chosen. As always, comments on each submission are welcome and ultimately helpful to the contestants. Your score sheet should look something like this:

Put on socks - 2
Put on pants - 3
Surlaw and Order - 4
Cross the street - 5
Barely Legal Seals - 1
Wandering Turnip - 2

If you fail to vote on any one game, I will assume you DID NOT play it, and accordingly give it an automatic score of 3. If enough people fail to play one particular game, it may quickly rise to the top of the voting and be a declared the winner. Consequently, it is in your own interests to play each game, even if only for a little bit, so you can judge it yourself.

Moreover, if you release your game early (before the 30th of April), you lose 5 total points. Remember, you CAN gather your materials first, just don't put anything together before the 1st!

People who are NOT regular OHRRPGCE game creators are free to join AND vote. This means that PEOPLE FROM OUTSIDE THE INCLUSIVE COMMUNITY ARE FREE TO JOIN IN THE FUN. I fully expect outsiders to rock this contest to its foundation. The only requirement for an "outsider" to vote is that they MUST register an account on any of the previously listed websites (Castle Paradox, Slime Salad, Surlaw Forums).

You may only vote ONCE. Yes, you can vote for your own game. I will officially be taking your votes on a thread to be created at some point in the future in Castle Paradox, and on the Surlaw home of Squids and Walruses, and also on Slime Salad, since some of the entrants may be exclusive to one or the other. Voting shall begin May 1st and will end on the 14th, to allow people enough time to play the games and vote on them.

After the votes have been tallied and the points added up, any deductions incurred on your behalf will be subtracted from your score. At this point, a maximum number of deducted points can be 5, so if you feel you can beat out your competition by a wide enough margin then more power to you. The game with the MOST points on the 14th of May wins, and its creator gets a -PRIZE-!!


The 1st Place Winner will receive $25 USD (by check) sent by mail to your home address, OR a not-insignificant amount of $limebucks on Slime Salad's web forums. I will be coordinating with Moogle1 personally regarding this. Should Castle Paradox impliment some purchasing system like Slime Salad, then I will negotiate with Inferior Minion in this regard as well. I will be entering too, so if I win, then I keep the prize money/and or $limebucks. If you wish for some other prize instead, I will coordinate with you to get you that prize - be it artwork, or whatever. Consider it a reward for hard work.

The second and third place winners will not receive cash, but diminishing amounts of Slimebucks or Castle Paradox dollars (or their equivalent). These amounts are not to be insignificant.

All contest entries will immediately receive Slimebucks as a gratuity for entering the contest, assuming they are registered on Slime Salad. Castle Paradox is likely going to be set up the same way, but I'm jumping to conclusions.


Good luck, and godspeed.

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[23 Aug 2008|09:41am]

Top 30, Summer 2008 Results:
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[05 Aug 2008|07:46pm]

I'm not sure how well this one'll turn out, but it's been a while and we've had some pretty good releases lately, so here goes.

First, here is the previous Top 30 List for reference:

NOTE: Please read rule 1. I'm making this change since it's been requested in the past. We'll see how it goes!

Since we've already done general comments and haikus in the past, this time let's describe our favorite parts of each game. You don't have to do this part, but it will make the list cooler! The top comments will be printed on the list.

BONUS QUESTION: Vote for the five best OHR contest games.

1. Vote for your five-fifteen favorite OHR games/movies/whatever. Lowest number = highest on your favorite list.
2. You may vote for your own game(s). The choice is yours, but bear in mind that if nobody else votes for your game, it will not make the list.
3. You may not vote for unreleased games. Demos are fine, though.
4. You may not vote twice, including by altnick.
5. You must be an active member of the community in order to vote. In other words, if you just registered and voted your vote will be ignored. This is done to prevent rigging.
6. Type out the entire name, just in case I don't know what the acronym is.
7. Airship 2600 is banned from this list. Sorry, it's just too good. Additionally, any other vaporware games shouldn't be voted for.
8. You are not required to give any reason for your votes, but you can include a short few sentences. The best ones will be posted on the list as flavor text. (Naturally, don't write any if you don't want yourself to be quoted)
9. Vote for individual games, not entire series. (OHR House, Pitch Black, etc)

Some general guidelines:
1. No one cares what you vote for, so don't feel compelled to vote 'in the community's eyes' or for games that you think are good but don't actually like. I want this list to reflect the personal preferences of real OHR users; i.e. I want it to be largely subjective.
2. If you want to vote in private, PM me with your votes and I promise not to reveal them to anyone.

How scoring works:
Your number 1 choice gets the most points. The higher the number, the fewer the points. In addition, the number of users who actually voted for the game is taken into account.

I'll post an example vote soon.

Deadline: around August 21, 2008.
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3 Week 1 [21 Apr 2008|10:56pm]

OHR House 3: On the Plantation, Week 1:

Watch and vote!
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Rock the Vote [01 Feb 2008|04:24pm]

Voting for the Top 30 ends on Feb. 8 (One week from now). See either of these threads for details:

We're a little slim on votes this season, so yours could make a big difference!
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Slime Salad [22 Oct 2007|03:35pm]

Get your Slime Salad here

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Top 30 [24 Aug 2007|05:53pm]

Summer Top 30 Results are in! (Just follow the links to them)

Also, I'm looking for a tilist for OHR House 3. Come into #jsh if interested.
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Darkmoor Monster Contest [07 Feb 2007|10:17am]

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The JSH Anthology [10 Jan 2007|10:23pm]

(x-posted on my lj)

It's no secret that I haven't been making OHR games recently. The fact is, I've pretty much given up. It was fun, but my life is focused on other things right now. I haven't forgotten my time on Zant, CP, or the OHR chatrooms, though. As a special treat for anyone who's interested, I present my LAST OHR release:

The JSH Anthology

18 Games, 3 of them unreleased. Inspirational notes and my comments on the games. The crappy Windows version of the OHR. It's all here. Get it while you're young!
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Contest [20 Jul 2006|07:33pm]

I'm going to be running a new incarnation of the Terrible Games Contest. Anyone and everyone can enter.

See this thread for details:
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Gameathon Rules [04 May 2006|11:53am]

What is Eligible

Any RPG file uploaded to Castle Paradox between May 10 and July 10 (inclusive) is an entry in the contest. There are no signups; every entry will be judged. The contest ends at 12:00am CST June 11.

While the contest is called "Gameathon," it is not restricted to games. Non-games like OHR House are also considered for entry.

Winning the Contest

Every game you upload will be judged by the entire panel of judges. They will award you points:

0 points: The game has little merit.
1 point: The game is okay.
2 points: The game is good or enjoyable. (Re-releases may not earn two points.)

Judges are encouraged not to be stingy with the zero and two point categories. A game doesn't have to be great to get two points; it doesn't have to be abominable to be worth zero points.

Judges will keep track of points given to each game and will PM me their score sheets at the end of the contest. I will give the score breakdowns for all of the games. Each judge will also award any ONE game an additional 2 points at the end of the contest as Best of Show.

A game's score is the combined point total from all judges. An author's final score is the combined score of all of the games he helped create. The author with the highest score wins.


The judging panel consists of:
Mike Caron
Artimus Bena

Judges are required to play at least the first ten minutes of any entry before judging it. A judge may not award his own game Best of Show. If a judge gives his own game a higher score than any other judge, that score is reduced to the highest score given by any other judge.

Tiebreaker Points

Tiebreaker points are to be used only in case of a tie. This is basically my ulterior motive working its way into this contest in a way that doesn't affect the majority of the entrants.

You can only score one tiebreaker point per entry and you can only get score on each rule once.

1. Featuring as a main character any two of the following: a pirate, a ninja, a robot, a zombie, or a cowboy. (You must have two different characters -- two zombies or one zombie-cowboy doesn't count.)
2. Using the default battle engine to do something other than an RPG battle. (I will be fairly liberal with this one. Be creative!)
3. Including an original composition as one of the game's songs. (This should be composed by someone credited as an author for the game.)
4. Scripting a new engine for the game. (This could make the game a sidescroller, for example, or just give it a new battle engine.)
5. Creating a sequel to another one of your Gameathon entries. (A sequel should follow the story and retain some story elements.)
6. Creating an RPG without any traditional fantasy elements. (This includes swords, crystals, dragons, magic, etc.)
7. Making character stats influence gameplay out of battle. (For example, using Agility to determine if you can pick an NPC's pocket.)
8. Replacing experience and levels with a different method of stat growth. (Any method of stat growth that isn't basically the same as levelling up is acceptable.)
9. Qualifying for at least three other tiebreaker points in a single entry. (You still only receive one tiebreaker point for the entry.)

I will be judging the tiebreaker points. I plan on being lenient on most of these so as to allow for creativity. You may include in your game's readme which tiebreakers you feel your game qualifies to earn, but be aware that my decision is final.

An author's entries will be awarded the highest number of tiebreaker points possible for that author. This means, for example, that if two authors collaborate on a game, they could each receive a different tiebreaker point for that game.

Each rule is worth one point, even though some rules are harder to achieve than others. A game that earned zero points from all judges may still receive a tiebreaker point.
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Gameathon [28 Apr 2006|12:07am]

While thinking some comments made (and rightly so) about the deadness of the OHR community, a new idea for a contest struck me. I call it the Gameathon.

The premise is clean and simple. In a month, make as many games as you can. They can be long, short, team, or solo games. A panel of judges agrees to play at least the first ten minutes of every game (or until the ending, whichever is sooner) and gives it a score of zero (not worth the disk space), one (so-so), or two (good). The winner is the one with the highest total score at the end of the month.

To allow some time for preparation, I propose the contest run from May 10 to June 10. Games released during this period are eligible for the contest, whether or not they were produced before the contest start. A game that has been previously released is not eligible for the contest.

There is no need to sign up, but I am looking for contest judges. (The reason I'm going with judges rather than open voting is that voters tend not to play all of the games.)
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Time for me to be serious.... [01 Apr 2006|02:48am]

[ mood | artistic ]

I have decided to stop Spamming CP. As much as I hate to say it, PHC is right. I have been really dumb, and emotionally unstable. Thanks to Leroy, I am now back in the game, and won't do no more idiotic posts. I'll also use good grammar and spelling. :D I've been working on my games (along with other stuff), and I'm going to let you OHRers on a little sample of Rogue Knights REVAMPED (and for the last time; Rogue Knights isn't the game I'm putting' the community in).....

Rogue-KnightsCollapse )

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Sword of Jade CODE RELEASE [30 Mar 2006|12:59am]

I am happy to announce the release of the entirety of Sword of Jade's Hamsterspeak source. The source is released under the RPL which is included with the files.

Download the scripts here


some notes:

*the code is barely commented. read at your own risk
*no support will be expressly provided, but if you ask a question and i can undestand it clearly, i will try to answer it
*when compiling, give it 5-20 minutes to compile. i recommend twiddling your thumbs.
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[29 Mar 2006|02:45pm]

Mar 15 2006 [tirgoviste]
* New Features
* Stat caps [Mike Caron]
* "% based attacks damage instead of set" attack bitset [Mike Caron]
* Precise weapon placement. (use . and , to choose which
frame to edit) [Mike Caron]
* NPC Placement Editor now shows the copy number of NPCs (the bottom number)
[Mike Caron]

* Bug Fixes
* Pausing the music will probably cause "stuck notes" (i.e. notes that never
get turned off) if any notes are playing at the time [Mike Caron]
* Browsing for a replacement song, and canelling deleted the existing song.
[Mike Caron]
* Rewards in battle are rewarded multiple times. [Mike Caron]
* Linux: specifying a file on the command line now works even if the file
is in a different directory. [James Paige]
* Windows: bug 140 keyboard handling quirks [Simon Bradley, James Paige]
* music_native now supports volume [Mike Caron]
* fixed bug 143 and bug 150 which disabled some spells you should have
been able to use, and permitted usage of some spells that should have
been disabled [James Paige]
* fixed bug 151 which was causing shops in non-upgraded RPG files to
expect random trade-in items for all purchases [James Paige]
* fixed bug that prevented the name of a spell learned from an item from
being displayed [James Paige]

* New Plotscripting Commands
* get/set formation song [Mike Caron]
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New Release: KFF:MQMTRPGv2.0 [23 Feb 2006|03:42pm]

  Just thought that people would like to know that I made an an example RPG file for a Final Fantasy: Mystic Quest (or Mystic Quest Legend as it's know in Europe) style world map.

  Make stuff with it! :)
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Most important update in a while [16 Feb 2006|04:09pm]

Feb 15 2006 [serendipity]

* New Features

* !!! Native Windows port of GAME.EXE [Simon Bradley] !!!

* !!! Native Windows port of CUSTOM.EXE [Simon Bradley] !!!

* You can copy and paste different sized sprites across the sprite
editors, and while you are drawing a sprite you now paste and
transparent-paste at the current cursor position instead of
top left corner [Ralph Versteegen]

* Attack bitsets to disable certain target slots on an
attack-by-attack basis. [James Paige]
(Unfinished! Only works for heroes right now, see bug 102)

* Animated backdrops in battle [Mike Caron]

* Attack bitset to force the heroes to run away [James Paige]

* General bitset to "Disable Hero's Battle Cursor" [Yuriy]

* Attack option to set a tag (with a number of options relating
to what triggers the tag, and conditional to another tag)
[Mike Caron]

* Added damage cap option (in General Game Data) [Mike Caron]

* Spell Descriptions! (set in Attacks->Appearance) [Mike Caron]

* Mute status affliction (and a bitset to make a spell mutable)
[Mike Caron]

* New attack bitsets:
Fail if target is [poisoned/regened/stunned/muted]
(so you can't mute someone twice, for example) [Mike Caron]

* In Attack editor and Enemy editor you can hold ALT and press
left and right to navigate records from anywhere in the menu
(This feature will eventually be added to other menus also)
[James Paige]

* Text box editor no longer sucks! You can insert, delete, and
edit anywhere in the line of text without needing to delete the
end of the line. [James Paige]

* New Import Music menu. This means:
* The 100 song limit is gone
* You can import .MIDs as well as .BAMs (and as we support more
music formats, you will be able to import them too.) You can
only play midis in FB GAME + CUSTOM.
* Export and delete songs
Until QBOHR is dropped, you can have a BAM fallback version of
any MIDI file you import. Just import a MIDI over top of a BAM.
[Ralph Versteegen]

* Music looping:
* RPG Maker style (Midi event #111 (0x6F) at the loop point), or
* OHR Music Code style (http://gilgamesh.hamsterrepublic.com/wiki/
ohrrpgce/index.php/Music_Code for more details)
[Mike Caron]

* Unlumped RPGs can now be played by Game (start game like this:
game foldername)

* Midi versions of many of the public domain pieces in the Import
folder have been added as alternatives [FyreWulff]

* You can specify upto 4 different items required to trade for an
item in a shop, and can set the amount required of each. Also can
set amount of items you recieve for trading in at a shop.
[Ralph Versteegen]

* Bug Fixes

* Fixed bug 107: "An MP~ stat over 66 makes all spells free"
[Ralph Versteegen]

* In the plotscripting dictionary, NPCcount was described as
returning number of npcs at spot with NPCatpixel or NPCatspot.
This is incorrect, the constant getcount does this (and more).

* c and v no longer appended to a string when copying and pasting
[Ralph Versteegen]

* Renamed attack bitset "No Reward from target" to
"Erase rewards (Enemy target only)" to clarify that it
happens even if the attack does not kill the target

* Fixed off by one bug in "get attack name" [Ralph Versteegen]

* Buggy "set enemy rewards" and "get enemy rewards" commands removed,
use (previously undocumented) "read enemy data" and "write enemy
data" instead (you can use the same constants)

* Fixed bug 13: "No math overflow checking in battle"
And bug 66: "Absorb-damage type attacks cannot drain a percent"
[Mike Caron]

* Worked around bug 78: "Using Custom under DosBox dosen't allow for
browsing certain areas." by avoiding the use of VAL() which is
buggy in some versions of DosBox and QEMU [James Paige]

* Fixed bug 98: "plotscript commands that alter enemys [sic] persist
after quitting" [Mike Caron]

* You can now no longer import invalid BAM music even though a
warning is given [Ralph Versteegen]

* Using formation sets 100+ no longer crashes game [Ralph Versteegen]

* Fixed bug 24: "Numbering is wrong for backdrops and songs in the
text-box appearance editor" [Ralph Versteegen]

* Fixed bugs in numerous menu items where typing in a number entered
incorrectly [Ralph Versteegen]

* Fixed bug 109: "Passing NPC references to alternpc crashes GAME"

* Fixed bug 136: "Use of quotes in BAM import list causes weirdness"
by scrapping .SNG storage scheme [Ralph Versteegen]

* New Plotscripting Commands

* "cancel map name display" [James Paige]
* "suspend map music", "resume map music" [Ralph Versteegen]
* "seconds of play", "set days of play", "set hours of play",
"set minutes of play", "set seconds of play" [Mike Caron]
* "read NPC" (counterpart of alter NPC) [James Paige]
* "set hero level", "give experience", "hero levelled",
"spells learnt" [Ralph Versteegen]
* "get damage cap", "set damage cap" [Mike Caron]
* "get music volume", "set music volume" [Ralph Versteegen]
* "trace" [Mike Caron]
* "get song name" [Ralph Versteegen]

* Stuff only Developers Will Notice

* More attack bitsets [Mike Caron]
* Unified item-name editor data (all item slots are formatted the
same now) [Mike Caron]
* New MIDI driver [Mike Caron]
* Native Linux port mostly working (games are playable and editable,
Browsing still has some problems, espeically in music importing,
and full-screen causes problems) [Simon Bradley, James Paige]
* .SNG lump replaced with binary expandable songdata.bin
[Ralph Versteegen]
* Incremented RPG file version to 6. (Game only shows backwards
compatability warnings when loading files in version 4 or older)
[James Paige]
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WinOHR [31 Dec 2005|10:26am]

Fortis asked for this link, then he found it, then Haggard wanted it. Frankly, I was looking for it, too, and since I found it, I figured I'd post it here for everyone else who was looking for it.


The motion is a bit jerky and I don't think you can run from battles with Esc (but F4 still works on debug-enabled games). BAM looping doesn't work either. But you will get music without VDMS and you can play most if not all games.
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On Sword of Jade: Parallel Dreams [07 Nov 2005|02:45pm]

Sword of Jade is unlike your run-of-the-mill, humans vs. monsters RPG. Jade protrays a world where villainy is commonplace, and heroes are reviled rather than revered. Most RPGs take place in a relatively utopian society which is threatened by external "evil" forces - very black and white. The stage of Sword of Jade, however, is set in a big gray cesspool in which you're never certain whether you're on friendly territory or deadly ground. Corruption, intrigue, and danger are everywhere - not just outside the town walls - and monsters are innocent bystanders compared to most of the folks you're supposed to protect. The characters sport a cartoonish appearance, but there is nothing cartoonish about their character. They are "real" in the sense that they all have problems, of all kinds, not just the denizens of the forest making it unsafe for travel, or the evil warlord poised to destroy civilization, or the encroaching natural disasters. This game's story is rife with strife. You've got all the problems that a real society is plagued by: Bullying, thugery, malice, dishonesty, and mean-spirited practical joking are all boldly depicted. This game does not make you want to save the world, it makes you want to either destroy it, or sit back and watch from a safe distance as it destroys itself. In short, Sword of Jade is the traditional RPG protagonist's worst nightmare.
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The Top 30 [31 Oct 2005|09:40pm]

It's time for the Fall Top 30!

You can vote here or with a comment to this entry!

The 16th is the deadline, and you may vote for your Bottom 3 games this season as well. (just for fun!)

That's all.
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[03 Oct 2005|06:48pm]


October 03 2005 [rusalka]

* Bug-Fixes

* Fixed bug 18: "In the map editor, CTRL+F doesn't use default
passability" [Ralph Versteegen]

* Fixed bug 76: "Hitting two keys at the same time allows you to
overflow text-entry fields" [James Paige]

* Fixed a bug that allowed argument values to pre-fill local
variables in scripts that did not have enough arguments declared
(It is now safe to assume that all your local variables will
start out set to zero) [James Paige]

* Fixed bug 81: "fight formation() with an invalid formation would
start a battle which would immediately end" [Yuriy]

* To bring up the Joystick calibration screen, you should now
press CTRL+J rather than just J

* Fixed bug 85: "menu called when exiting a script triggered menu or
screen with ESC" [Yuriy and Ralph Versteegen]

* Fixed bug 86: "Foot offset is not taken into account when culling
npcs and heroes to draw onscreen" [Ralph Versteegen]

* Fixed bug 88: "A script buffer overflow crashes or freezes game.exe
instead of displaying an error message" [Ralph Versteegen]

* "NPC is walking" now returns true when the NPC is walking and false
if not walking. Used to be backwards. Old compiled scripts that
depended on the backwards behaviour will still work as they did
before, but you will have fixed them if you recompile them.
[James Paige]

* New Features

* plotscripting commands to read system time: system hour, system
minute, system second. [Mike Caron]

* plotscripting commands to read system date: system day, system
month, system year. [Yuriy]

* plotscripting command to find out the currently playing song.
[Mike Caron]

* plotscripting command run script by ID which does just that
[Ralph Versteegen]

* status indicators (poison/stun) via characters appended to stats
in battle [Yuriy]

* "No reward for targets killed" bitset (useful for monsters "running
away") [Yuriy]

* Command to get the ASCII code of a key being pressed (last ascii())

* importglobals behaviour extended: importglobals(slot,id) returns
the value of a global without overwriting anything

* Strings! Specifically:

* New commands:
show string(string ID)
clear string(string ID)
append ascii(string ID, ascii code)
append number(string ID, number)
copy string(dest string, source string)
concatenate strings(dest string, source string)
string length(string ID)
replace char(string ID, position, ascii)
delete char(string ID, position)
ascii from string(string ID, position)
string to globals(string ID, starting global, length)
globals to string(string ID, starting global, length)
[BIG HUGE thanks to Yuriy (Draknight2@wmconnect.com)]

* New operators for strings:
destid $= srcid instead of copy string(destid,srcid)
destid $+ srcid instead of concatenate strings(destid,srcid)
Please note that id $+ "TESTING" is NOT valid
[Ralph Versteegen]

* Commands to get useful strings:
get hero name(string, hero)
set hero name(string, hero)
get item name(string, item)
get map name(string, map)
get attack name(string, attack)
get global string(string, global)
input string (string, use current)
[Mike Caron]

* Commands to display strings on the screen:
show string at (string, x, y)
center string at (string, x, y)
hide string (string)
string style (string, style)
string color (string, color, background color)
position string (string, x, y)
string X (string)
string Y (string)
[James Paige]

* ${S#} Meta String for textboxes

* Support in HSpeak for "auto strings":

$1="My string"

That will set the string with ID 1 to "My string"

* get enemy name, set enemy name
get enemy stat, set enemy stat
get enemy appearance, set enemy appearance
get enemy rewards, set enemy rewards
[Mike Caron and Yuriy]

* Map limit increased from 100 to 32767 maps
[Ralph Versteegen]

* Transparent tile and sprite pasting in all graphics editors.
Copy a sprite normally, then paste it with Ctrl + T. Transparent
(colour 0) areas will not get pasted [Ralph Versteegen]

* You can now use capslock + directional keys to move a tile around
like you can in the sprite editor. In the tile editor however,
pieces of the tile that go over the edge wrap around to the other
side [Ralph Versteegen]

* Place tiles without overwriting passability with the default by
hitting Ctrl + D when tilemapping [Ralph Versteegen]

* Attack bitset to ignore attacking hero's/enemy's Extra Hits
stat [Ralph Versteegen]

* Plotscript command alternpc has been considerably optimised. It
no longer reloads all npcs and heros on the map [Ralph Versteegen]

* New plotscript commands: get map tileset, get ambient music,
set ambient music, allow minimap, allow save anywhere, set map
edge mode, get map edge mode, set harm tile damage, set harm tile
flash, get foot offset, set foot offset, get instead of battle
script, set instead of battle script, get each step script, set
each step script, get on keypress script, set on keypress script,
draw npcs above heroes, map width, map height [Ralph Versteegen]

* New general bitsets: skip title screen, skip load screen (which
can be set or off in any combination), pause on all battle menus
[Ralph Versteegen]

* Stuff only Developers Will Notice

* Plotscripting Dictionary Documentation is now in xml format instead
of html (but still exportable to html) [Big thanks to Mike Caron]

* Constants for the gen()/general() array data [James Paige]

* Combined save- and load- menus to save memory (about 3.7kb) and
make future changes easier [Ralph Versteegen]

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CP's back up. [01 Oct 2005|10:58am]

You heard it here first.

(Though it's running very slowly today.)
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168hr Contest ends [24 Sep 2005|01:00am]

The grace period for the 168hr contest has ended. Any games submitted from here on will be subject to a penalty, which will probably be slight to encourage people other than Sephy and myself to enter the contest.
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168hr Contest begins! [17 Sep 2005|12:07am]

The theme for the contest is "Strategy and Tactics." Now, before I go into what that entails, let me define the two terms.

Strategy means a careful plan or method : a clever stratagem b : the art of devising or employing plans or stratagems toward a goal. In a war, you plan out a strategy beforehand. Your strategy is your plan. In an RPG, your strategy is usually limited to setting up your equipment and party for a battle.

Tactics means a : the science and art of disposing and maneuvering forces in combat b : the art or skill of employing available means to accomplish an end. Your tactics are the methods you use while in combat. In an RPG, your tactics are your in-battle choices.

Your games are expected to require the player to use both strategy and tactics. The genre, plot, setting, etc. of the game are yours to decide. If you want to make an RPG, go ahead. If you want to make a dating sim, that's fine. There are no limits on the kind of game you are allowed to make.

With that in mind, voters will be expected (but not forced) to select the games that best challenge the player's abilities of strategy and tactics. Note that strategy is listed first. The emphasis of the contest is on strategy since all games require tactics to some extent!

As has been said before, you may choose to use the OHRRPGCE or any other platform, including pure-programming. As long as your audience is able to play your game, your entry is permissible.

The contest will end in one week; that is, 12:00am CST Saturday 24 July 2005. You have a one-hour grace period before points start being deducted from your game on an hourly basis. The hourly deduction is at my discretion and will be based on the number of entrants (fewer entrants means a higher deduction).

The first place winner will be given a prize, which I will also decide upon the contest's completion.

IMPORTANT! Castle Paradox is not the host of this contest; therefore, its downtime is not an excuse for late entry. This contest is cross-posted to the LiveJournal ohrrpgce community. If you have no webspace to host your game, you may e-mail your entry directly to me (NOT a link, the actual file).

Yes, I am entering this contest. Yes, I'm the host. Yes, that poses a conflict of interest. I'm putting up the prize, so quit your whining. If I win and I'm feeling nice, I'll pass it down to the guy in second. (Actually, I had a good idea that I scrapped this afternoon because I figured there was no way I could do it in a week.)
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Contest update [08 Sep 2005|12:50pm]

For reference: 12 people have signed up or expressed interest in the contest. The prize I am supplying is in direct proportion to the number of entrants. 12 entries = cash prize at least, with possible prizes for runners-up. If anyone else wants to supply prizes,

Some rules clarifications:

1. All times are in Central Time. This post is dated a little before 1:00pm CST. Compare that against the time shown on the post and make sure your time settings are correct (under your Profile settings) to avoid losing a few hours.

2. You may compose music or create graphics for your game, since you really don't know what the game will be yet and the focus isn't on graphics anyway. Please don't make an RPG or HSS file (or equivalents for your engine/language) -- this would violate the rules.

3. This was edited into the last post, but worth re-mentioning. You need not use the OHR to make your game. You may use a custom build of the OHR if you want, taking into account the OHR's license.
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168-hour contest [05 Sep 2005|03:25pm]

Been awhile since the last contest, I think. I'm in the mood to make a quick game again, so who else is up for a 168-hour contest? (That's a week, for the contest-illiterate.)

We'll need dates, so let's say it starts 12:00am Saturday 17 August and ends one week later, with a one-hour grace period for late games and points deducted hourly for games submitted after that. Voting will be in top-3 format (3-2-1 points); the point deduction for late entry will depend on the number of entries but it's fair to say that it's worth your while to submit it on time.

Rules are good, too, so let's say that any size team is permissible. The contest theme will be announced at the start of the contest. You can pull graphics from other sources but please don't start assembling your RPG file until the start of the contest. This will be one of those fancy "honor system" deals, but remember that your advantage in cheating is limited by the fact that you don't know the contest theme.

Music rips are okay for the contest, of course. Publicly available plotscripts (e.g. from the 3rd Party, Plotscripting Library, FACES.RPG, OHR Tactics) are allowed, but your own pre-written plotscripts are not unless you make them public before the start of the contest.

The contest theme will be gameplay-oriented rather than story-oriented, like the "simulation" contest that spawned so many awesome games last year.

If you're interested, here's the place to say so. You don't have to sign up to enter, but I am hoping to gauge the level of interest.

There will be a prize, which will be based on the number of entrants.

It is not required that you use OHR to make your game.
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Top 30 Results [01 Sep 2005|09:04pm]


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Get on the boat. [29 Aug 2005|07:15pm]

Want a review for your game?

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CP returns [29 Aug 2005|12:44pm]

In case you haven't noticed yet, CP is back up! That is all.
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[29 Aug 2005|10:50am]

OK, since CP has been down, I guess I'll do the last call here.
If you still want to vote for the Top 30, reply to this post or e-mail me.

You can vote for 5-10 games, your #1 pick will get the most points. Only released games can be voted for. I'll post the results on Thursday, so you have until then! (maybe Friday)
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announcement [28 Aug 2005|08:03am]

just officially announcing that ziggurats for red turtle has been moved from the ohrrpgce engine to the game maker engine. the latest ohrrpgce version will be released as it is, and is at http://rinku.castleparadox.com/zfrt/ZFRT.rar

feel free to play it and see it in its buggy, unfinished state.

i will now no longer make ohrrpgce games, with the exception of helping komera finish up 'wingedmene', and with the possible exception of a completed 'and&: level 99'.
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Question [27 Aug 2005|09:35am]

Is CP permanently down? Because, you know, it's been down a very long time.
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[14 Aug 2005|07:31am]

Hey all, I just wanted to announce that I'm moderating this community now. If you want any interests/links added to the community info, just drop me a comment here. Thanks!
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would anyone like moderatorship of this community? [10 Aug 2005|08:20pm]

longetech pointed out to me that it's hard to leave a community if you have responsibilities to it, such as moderatorship of its lj community, and i'm leaving the ohr once i finish all the games i wish to finish for it, which right now amounts to only wingedmene, zfrt, and possibly and& level 99, so if anyone would like to take over moderatorship of this community, comment here and i'll pick the best person in my judgement from among those who apply.
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Top 30 [01 Aug 2005|05:40pm]

Hey all, it's time for the Summer list.

Go here if you want to vote:

Or just reply here, even. I don't care. Same rules as always, and hopefully we get more than 21 reasonable scores this time.
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Sword of Jade: Parallel Dreams /// RELEASED [30 Jul 2005|11:33am]

Step 1: Castle Paradox topic: http://castleparadox.com/ohr/viewtopic.php?t=3651

Step 2: Download at http://www.rpgcreations.com/jadepd

Step 3: Enjoy.
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sword of jade to be released in 2 days [28 Jul 2005|10:41pm]


fyrewulff provided its manual to whet our appetites.
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Since this is the O.h.r.RPG.c.e. community, I figured I could post this here. [08 Jul 2005|05:38pm]

EmeraldfireArt Studios is currently looking for:
  • Tile artists
  • BAM composers
  • Map makers
  • Monster designers and spriters
  This is for the upcoming trilogy The Crazed, Deranged, Evil, Demented, Insane Psychotic Monster
Smiley of DOOOOOM!!1!
 Send me an email with some sample artz if you are interested in helping. :)
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